June 13, 2015

Designing Exhibitions | Exhibiting Design

Emmett presented today at the Designing Exhibitions | Exhibiting Design Seminar at Dublin Castle, organised by Irish Design 2015, discussing the design and install of Nine Lives in London.

Irish Design 2015 present a seminar for designers, curators and exhibition makers exploring the practice of exhibition design and how it connects with the curatorial process of making exhibitions. Dr.Jochen Eisenbrand, Chief Curator, Vitra Design Museum and curator of Hidden Heroes: The Genius of Everyday Things will give a key-note talk with presentations from curators and designers. This seminar is part of ID2015 series of lectures in partnership with EUNIC: the network of European Union National Institutes for Culture, presented with The Goethe Institute.

The seminar will discuss the collaborative process which can be involved in producing exhibitions, curators working with exhibition designers, interpretation designers, educators and graphic designers to create the narration of the exhibition vision, as well as ensuring the design considers the logistics of tour programmes and most importantly engages audiences. 

In a series of quick-fire presentations the curators, designers and producers will discuss their understanding of the key principles of exhibition design and how they have integrated this thinking in their recent exhibitions. In parallel the seminar reflects on exhibiting design; from architecture to product and furniture, as well as art, heritage, science and technology”

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