Give Generously

Generosity in architecture requires neither eyes nor hands, it is found in the tone of voice.
Generosity is when you pick up the phone or send an email to congratulate the other architect who got the job you wanted.
Generosity is when one empty, winter afternoon you persuasively advocate for another architect to be supported even if the day before they humiliated you on a street corner.
Generosity is when a peer takes the time to realise what your creative practice needs and when it needs it and they just find a way to make it happen for you, without expecting anything in return.
Generosity is when an architect you respect and admire sends you a note in which they let you know they’ve noticed.
Generosity is accepting that architecture is a collective endeavour and generosity is having the nerve to share your stage with other ‘experts’ because you know that they know some other ways in which architecture needs to be led.
Generosity is saying out loud what everyone is thinking but no one cares to admit – everyone at this meeting is just like me and that feels mean.

This text was written on September 23rd 2016.