August 27, 2016

Housing Incident Room

Emmett has today participated in The Housing Incident Room at the invitation of IMMA (Irish Museum of Modern Art) and IAF (Irish Architecture Foundation).

This is an architect-led workshop  that “draws on the systems and structures of A Fair Land in which to produce A Housing Manifesto. The drive of The Housing Incident Room, is to explore the long history of radical thinking on social, political, environmental and architectural issues, as an essential framework to respond to urgent questions on how to move forward with creating housing in Ireland.”

Emmett assembled a team which included Laurence Lord (architect, AP+E), Dorothy Smith (visual artist), Nathan O Donnell (writer, art critic), Niamh O’ Donnell and Alan Driscoll from the Irish Housing Network.

The team made a manifesto called HOMELESSNESS IS A SPECTRUM which is due for future publication by the IAF / IMMA.

Images courtesy of Ste Murray / IAF / IMMA.

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