August 11, 2015

Nine Lives_London Reviewed by BLUEPRINT

Nine Lives in London and the New Horizon project has been reviewed by Blueprint magazine. The review says “All too often photos of new buildings, especially residential projects, are devoid of life, unoccupied by people or the clutter of everyday life. This refreshing exhibition, however, showed rooms as they are in real life, in flux and ever-changing, complete with tangled wires, ugly televisions and children’s toys strewn across the floor. ‘Nine Lives proposes that homes are in fact made by design and through use, by production and consumption – both creative processes – are different but equal,’ says Scanlon. ‘These stories – containing people’s ideas, needs and dreams of how to work, dwell or play – continue to develop through occupation and use.’ As such, Nine Lives was an original response to the Festival’s theme Work in Progress, illustrating that buildings aren’t finished simply once they’ve been built but are an ongoing story.”

You can read the full review here.


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