June 1, 2015

Nine Lives Opens in London.

Nine Lives is now open at the Tank, Design Museum, London and will be open until  June 28th so come along and take a look!

Nine Lives shows work of 10 architects from Ireland selected by Raymund Ryan and Nathalie Weadick as part of the ‘New Horizon_architecture from Ireland’ initiative which will see all 10 architects participate in some way in three architecture festivals across the world in 2015 – the first of these seeing TAKA, Steve Larkin, Clancy Moore, Hall McKnight and Emmett Scanlon show work at the London Festival of Architecture until the end of June. Supported by Irish Design 2015.

The interior slider photo is by Noel Bowler of the studio by Urban Agency and the photo of the London install at the Tank are by Jon Bosworth.


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