Addition, Glenageary, Dublin

“The extension creates a sense of space and light. The light shafts bring the early morning sun into a south-west facing room. This diffuse, though strong, light is perfect for breakfasting and starting the day. Before extending, the rooms at the back of the house, which have been incorporated into the extension, remained relatively dark until after mid-day in summer and all day in the winter months. The sunshine moves around to the back of the house in the afternoon, lighting the room, warming it and giving it a very welcoming feel. We eat and do most of our entertaining in the new room. The kitchen design and especially the island counter make it easy to cook and chat at the same time.” 


The clients lived in the house for many years and intend to do so for many more. The existing house had a poor relationship to the rear garden. It did not make the most of the sunshine and light available at the rear of the house and the internal organisation of the rooms did not support the day-to-day living and working life of the family. The brief also called for a home office and a ground floor sleeping room with its own fully accessible shower room. The strategy was to remove the rear wall of the house and add a new volume containing a large open plan kitchen and family toom, the new bedroom and shower room and a terrace above. We wished to respect the strong A profile of the roof of the existing house and to wrap this form to the side and rear with the new rooms. The new addition would also have a strong profile, formed by upstand rooflights which bring direct south and east light into the new living rooms and which also act as visual and physical barriers to the edge of the roof terrace.

The exterior of the new addition is clad in red, terracotta, “klinker” tiles. The colour was selected to match the tones of the existing brickwork to the front of the house. One material is used to wrap up, over and around the new volume and the rooflights. We wished to use the minimum number of materials to the maximum effect in order to simplify the exterior expression of the building. Red terrazzo paviours, of the same colour tone, are used on the lower and upper terraces. The materials chosen ensure that the exterior feels warm and inviting, reflecting the hot sunny aspect of the first floor roof terrace. The tiles are also used at the front porch – to make the entry special, to hint at what lies behind.