In 2007 Emmett Scanlon and Sarah Cremin of CASTarchitecture were invited to make a contribution to the Defining Space conference, held at Newman House, University College Dublin in September 2007.
The aim of the exhibition was to articulate a range of architectural attitudes to the definition of space and to afford participants the opportunity to either begin or further develop their intellectual and architectural positions in this regard.
Seven architectural practices, each established since 2000 with at least one Irish parter or director, were invited to participate in the exhibition and respond to the following theme:
“The typical architectural process that is employed in the design of our built environment is predicated on a need to define the limits of a project, to organise and to control space. This is because the made spaces of our built environment are themselves defined and controlled by limits, be they physical, material, social, economic etc. Such limits can be physical or abstract, real or apparent, implicit or explicit. We wonder if architecture and the process that t produces it, have the potential to explore and inhabit the terrain that exists on both sides of such limits”
A site specific exhibition was designed and made for the Hallyway to Newman House.
An oak table acts as the organising device for the work exhibited become the main curator of the work. The table and the setting is a catalyst for the work exhibited, promoting a physical and material response to the theme, suggesting that architecture is more ably represented by the elements of its process that the static representations of its end product. Therefore the exhibition was seen as an opportunity to generate new work and research rather than simply to represent projects in a complete and finite way.
Each participant was allowed a specific ‘plot’ o the table organised in alphabetical order. Plots were A2 in plan dimension (594x420mm). The architects were encouraged to occupy an inhabit the prescribed and implied plot allocated to them in whatever way they say fit
The 7 participants were Architecture53Seven (Portlaoise, IRL), CASTarchitecture (Dublin, IRL), Clare Lyster Studio (Chicago, USA), GKMP (Dublin, Ireland), Robert Jamison (Belfast, NI), Lotus Architects, (Dublin, IRL), ROEWU architecture (London, UK).

Defining Space

A site-specific exhibition showcasing attitudes to space, designed and curated for the international conference 'Defining Space'

keyword: Exhibition
Year: 2007
Location: Newman House, Dublin
Commissioners: Hugh Campbell, UCD School of Architecture
Exhibitor: Architecture53Seven
Exhibitor: Clare Lyster Studio
Exhibitor: GKMP
Exhibitor: Robert Jamison
Exhibitor: Lotus Architects
Exhibitor: ROEWU architecture
Photography: Marie Louise Halpenny