As a member of Dublin City Coucil Artist’s Panel and to celebrate the arrival of a new library for Dublin City on Parnell Square,  Emmett collaborated with photographer Aoife Giles on a workshop-based project which used the library as a means to engage with architecture.
The workshop was held as part of Dublin City Council’s Children’s Art in Libraries project in 2014.


How do you occupy your library and how does it occupy you?
We occupy rooms and spaces and streets all of the time all of our days all of our lives. But these spaces also occupy us – they change our mood, alter our feelings, direct how we interact with our family or friends or how we interact with strangers. We remember them in our hearts and bodies as we grow up and old, even if we don’t use these spaces anymore. This occupation is a kind of exchange – we form our world, and it forms us, we take and give back, and each (person and place) depends and learns from the other. Perhaps architecture, vital to this meaningful exchange, might be thought of as a kind of spatial-lending library.
This occupation depends on all of our senses, not just our eyes, to really make a difference in our lives. Very often though we only talk about our cities or our houses with our eyes, judging the world on visual terms only. This emphasis can, without us really realising it, make us feel disconnected and isolated from our built world because the world is more complex than just what it looks like.
The words used to describe the visual just aren’t enough sometimes to describe why a room is special, or why it matters to you or why you remember it – and this can be frustrating. Our idea then is to both work with children to enable them to understand architecture as a spatial-lending-library and to then encourage them to explore architecture through touch, smell, sound, taste as well as sight.

Diary of a Library

A workshop on the social life of libraries for Dublin City Council Children's Art in Libraries Project.

Year: 2014
Client: Dublin City Council Arts Office
Project Collaborator: Aoife Giles
Venue: The Iilac City Library