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As part of his role as Architecture Adviser to the Arts Council, Emmett has been working with the Arts Council to develop research, initiatives and now training programmes relating to public awareness of an engagement with architecture. The latest, called Extending Architecture, was a series of three training days and public lectures in this area for architects and other cultural practitioners.
Leading international practitioners, Todo Por La Praxis, Kate Goodwin, and Teddy Cruz provided interactive training sessions in Dublin, Galway and Cork in 2016 as part of Extending Architecture training initiative. In addition, each of the three practitioners will make a rare Irish appearance, gave talks which were free for the public to attend.
These renowned international practitioners Todo Por La Praxis (Madrid), Kate Goodwin (London) and Teddy Cruz (San Diego) shared their expertise and insights with training in how to programme, present, collaborate, mediate and work in new ways in architecture.
Recognising that currently in many architectural practices, arts centres, galleries, festivals, civic venues and public spaces around the world, dynamic practitioners are seeking to broaden out the field of architecture beyond the design and construction of buildings alone. This training reflected these developments and is in line with Arts Council policy and commitment to architecture. These examples of ways to engage the public with architectural practices and the presentation of architecture open out a sense of architecture as a platform for collective conversations about the kind of world we live in today.
All three public talks are recorded and available below and are courtesy of CREATE and the Arts Council.

Extending Architecture I

Keyword: Policy | Initiative
Year: 2016
Location: Dublin | Galway | Cork
Delivery Team: CREATE with Blaithin Quinn
Client: The Arts Council / an Comhairle Ealaion