Home, South Dublin

A house from 1937 has its second family. Its life is extended not by building an extension but by extending the view inside the house, to enable better spatial and better communication and to make the house feel bigger in the mind.


The idea for the project was to work only within the existing site dimension and building fabric, to build or add nothing, to find the hidden spaces and to make those spaces work better for contemporary life. A greater sense of space was encouraged by taking down walls, manipulating existing openings, allowing more light to fall on walls and floor, creating long and diagonal views, making connections between family rooms feel easier and more fluid. In the hallway, a wall in the corner has been removed and replaced with an oak and glass screen, which then extends into the living and dining spaces, drawing the eye deep into the sunny garden outside. The oak screen then traces the line of a wall removed, and sits flush with the solid oak floor.