Following a run at the Design Museum, London, Nine Lives returned to the National Craft Gallery in Kilkenny for August and September 2015. The second iteration of Nine Lives emerged from the New Horizon_architecture from Ireland initiative, a flagship project of Irish Design 2015.


For Kilkenny, an expanded show was presented, and like in the Tank in London, a site-specific exhibition was designed. Each of the nine architects was given a shutter-box display, occupying the windows of the gallery space, putting the work the architects into the light. There are three types of shutter-box responding to three window types. Drawings, images and models – typical exhibition content – were augmented by up-to-date and specifically made photos of the buildings in use and visual and written contributions from architects and occupants alike, arguing that architecture is made both by design and through us. Colour is used to foreground the high quality photographic work and to relax the audience into reading, viewing, linerging and leaning with and on the shutter-box content. A5 cards allow the work displayed to read like a story, one on-going and continuing, as the life of these buildings gets played out into the future.

For details of the London iteration of this project, please check here.

The architects in the exhibition were AP+EA2Clancy MooreGKMPHall McKnightRyan KennihanSteve LarkinTAKA, and Urban AgencyThe show also showcases some great Irish photographers including Noel BowlerAlice Clancy, Rachel GlassRos KavanaghMarie-Louise HalpennyAisling McCoyPaul Tierneyand Matthew ThompsonGraphics by Paul Guinan and Illustration by Fuchsia Mc AreeSchool Drawing by Jonathan Janssens and Jennifer O Donnell. Built by Alan Meredith Studio. The exhibition was co-designed with Matthew Mullin.

The Kilkenny iteration of Nine Lives was funded by Irish Design 2015 as part of the New Horizon_Architecture from Ireland initiative. It was generously supported by Colourtrend Paints and UCD School of Architecture.