Nine Lives_London states an ambition to discuss and explore the space between architectural production and consumption. Showcased in the Tank at the Design Museum, the objective was  about working across architecture at a research, policy and curatorial level. The task as one of the architects in the initiative is to present the work of his peers, the other practices in New Horizon London, US and China editions of the New Horizon_Architecture from Ireland initiative, as part of Irish Design 2015. New Horizon is curated by Raymund Ryan and Nathalie Weadick.

The approach was to visit one completed building by each of the nine architects involved in the initiative and to present two photographs for each project – one taken at architectural completion and when the buildings were about to be occupied and one in April or May of 2015. The idea was to show that the work of this new generation of Irish architects is strong in use and that architecture is being made both through design and use, different but equal. The architects included in the Tank were AP+E, A2, Clancy Moore, GKMP, Hall McKnight, Ryan Kennihan, Steve Larkin, TAKA, and Urban Agency. The show also showcases some great Irish photographers including Noel Bowler, Alice Clancy, Rachel Glass, Ros Kavanagh, Marie-Louise Halpenny, Aisling McCoy, Paul Tierney, and Matthew Thompson. Graphics by Paul Guinan and Illustration by Fuchsia Mc Aree. School Drawing by Jonathan Janssens and Jennifer O Donnell. Built by PROPMEUP.