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Occupational Hazards is a home for words about those that make and break architecture.

In the beginning when considering the content for the site, the intention was simply to edit and collate published reviews and writings made by me over the last ten years to see what this might tell me about a busy period of designing and building in Ireland. Many of these texts are now here, with more being added over time.
As this process of review and editing was underway I thought it might be useful if the site offered room to make some writing public –  words being assembled as part of a PhD by research or general opinions and views of things I observe around me. Making work public is, for me, essential to the act of beginning to write, and, critically getting things to an end.
What the pieces have in common is an interest in both the making and using of architecture. Therefore the site contains some interviews  with architects and more of these will be added throughout 2017 as part of the Occupational Hazards interview series.  The focus of these conversations is making, and the hazards of being (pre)occupied as an architect, a topic not much discussed in Ireland. Other themes include interrogation of the continued tension between design and use and how the occupation of buildings is very often considered a kind of hazard, particularly by those that design them.
I continue to be curious and anxious about the place and role of architecture within Ireland and for me writing has become a means to develop a more considered position on that subject. Writings are at times mere sketcheswritten quickly, often on my phone and previously published on Facebook for friends – other times they are longer more considered views. Some are commissions, specific reviews of the work of peers, including a lot of houses, the Irish house and home being a consistent preoccupational hazard of my own.

Occupational Hazards

Writings on making and breaking architecture.