The Children’s Rooms, Brown Thomas

The Children’s Rooms are designed as a series of rooms within the best house on the best street in Dublin.  The Children’s Rooms are entered through a hallway, a space to pause and browse gifts set atop marble tables. A hexagonal parquet floor is the first of a series of seven unique floor patterns, one for each room. Made from thousands of oak pieces, carefully laid by hand, the parquet floor flows from room to room, allowing easy browsing of clothing, carefully displayed within bespoke dressers.


These are built from solid oak, inlaid with white corian, itself carved with a delicate pattern derived from Irish lace, giving a subtle but beautiful backdrop for children’s clothing, just as the best silver is laid out on a lace table cloth.  On the shoe wall are amazing drawings, intriguingly complex so that more and more is revealed with every visit and when a child picks up a shoe, something wonderful is discovered. The luxury and character of these rooms will come from the handcrafting of ordinary materials in extraordinary ways, from the care and consideration given to the smallest details.