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The brief was to make a contemporary, modern restaurant for Ireland’s premier luxury department store, Brown Thomas.
Building on an intimate knowledge of the 3rd floor of the story following the Children’s Rooms designs, a tall, elegant bronze and glass screen encloses the new, larger restaurant on Level 3. Each individual part of the hand-polished screen frames the everyday theatre of dining when viewed from the store. A strong graphic motif is used in the bespoke patterning of the floor, made from thousands of coloured hexagon mosaic tiles, laid out like a rug across the room, with a black tile border, occasionally punctuated with light, bright yellow. This mosaic-rug comes right to the door of this restaurant and welcomes you inside. A generous and softly curved, undulating oak bar holds the right hand side of the room, a place to dine or have a drink atop a white marble counter.
On the far wall, new light has literally been shed on this room with hidden windows to Wicklow Street being revealed, daylight being heartily welcomed back, like a regular customer. A full-length wall of mirrors reflects this daylight around the room and reflects the room back on itself, adding to the drama of seeing and being seen in this contemporary dining space.
Furniture is made from warm oak. The inlaid tables and powder-blue upholstered armchairs are arranged in a variety of ways, for large or small groups, for lively family gatherings at the hand-crafted long table or quiet conversations on the softly curved, comfortable banquettes. Within this singular dining room, which looks to old Parisian bistros for its relaxed and welcoming atmosphere but looks to Dublin for its lively pace and conversation, a series of dining areas have been designed and arranged for any and all memorable occasions.
“When we undertook the redesign of the 3rd floor restaurant, the main design objective was to create a luxurious environment for our customers to dine. Part of the brief was to make use of the windows which were hidden behind the existing bar counter by repositioning the bar to a more practical location. The dividing screen between the retail floor amd the dining space was crucial as we didn’t want to block visibility to the floor, but still retaining an element of privacy whilst dining within the restaurant, this resulted in a stunning antique brass screen which both compliments the internal feel of the restaurant and the adjacent living product. The luxurious but unprententious décor gives the feeling of relaxed dining for large or small groups with warm oak inlaid tables and powder blue armchairs arranged in a casual fashion sitting on a bespoke floor covering made entirely from thousands of hexagon mosaic tiles.” CLIENT COMMENTS

The Restaurant

The design of a new Restaurant for Ireland's premier high-fashion department store, Brown Thomas.

Keyword: Constructed | Retail
Client: Brown Thomas Group
Project: The Restaurant at Brown Thomas
Collaborator: Sarah Cremin | CAST architecture
Year: 2013-2014
Location: Grafton Street, Dublin
Photographer: Alice Clancy