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The Float Up is a one-act play performed in Bewley’s Cafe Theatre in May 2019.
The commission was to provide a stage design and setting for this play. Set in New Orleans some years after hurricane Katrina has devastated the place and its people, a conversation begins between a middle-aged white woman and a young black man, in a bar, in the afternoon. The design responds to some implicit and explicit oppositions in the play Рyoung, old Рlocal, visitor Рwoman, man Рand aims to set a territory or zone on stage for these oppositions to both exist and be broken down.
Colour is used with paint and light to evoke rather than literally recreate the colours of the local built and cultural landscapes of this part of America. A glazed pattern is painted on walls and floor, dematerializing the room, offering the two characters a kind of suspended “middle-ground”, needed by both characters to negotiate their individual territories and their terms of engagement.

They Float Up

Keyword: Theatre; Design
Location: Dublin
Writer: Jacquelyn Reingold
Director: Peter McDermott
Actors: Susannah de Wrixon + Kwaku Fortune
Producer: Susannah de Wrixon
Lighting Design: Colm Maher
Painting: Ronan Deegan
Photography: Peter Molloy